Utopia: Stellaris moves towards paradise

In the weeks since Utopia’s launch, I thought about writing my first ever honest game review. I thought and thought and reconsidered because it was sort of a question about what this blog is about.

While this blog’s focus is subject to change, I don’t think game reviews are my gig – I prefer the modding niche I’m carving out. I think PC gaming (particularly strategy gaming) is heading in the right direction with increasing support for modders, and that community needs a coherent voice.

However, I do know a chap who is pursuing an old dream of his; he writes about some muscle-bound rabbits in his Utopia review here: Utopia: Stellaris moves towards paradise.


You should subscribe to his blog and follow him on Twitter (@Mordaith). I like this guy’s reviews because they’re refreshingly honest to his own tastes – too often do game reviews pander to a mainstream/diverse gaming audience, and too infrequently do we get unfiltered opinion through the medium. So, check out Old Man Mordaith’s blog (his Patreon page too) and read a review or three.

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