Stellaris Ship Set Mods

Updated 19th July 2017

I’ve found that, of all the empire customisation options, good ship sets are amongst the trickiest to track down. There are so many mods relating to adjusting ship behaviour or appearance in one way or another, just a pure “ship set” can be difficult to identify. Having done some searching, it’s still the case that genuinely unique ship sets are rare; the vast majority of the mods listed below reuse existing Stellaris models in some manner.

As with other empire customisation options, I’ve not listed ship sets from other sci-fi universes (e.g. Star Wars, Star Trek) as I feel it breaks immersion. This was a harder rule to stick to for this particular list as new ship sets tend to focus on reusing existing models, which naturally have a tendency towards known franchises. I might publish a larger list to include some of these another time, but for now, this list excludes them.

Some of these mods are featured in my other curated lists, Stellaris Portrait Mods and Stellaris City Mods, as they contain more than just the content relevant to the list.

You can subscribe to any subset of these (or all at once) using my Steam Collection “Stellaris Ship Set Mods“. I’ll update this list periodically as the modding community continues to put out such high quality work – make sure you subscribe to Odin Gaming and follow me on Twitter to be notified of updates.

This list is separated into three categories: Original Ships (original ship models), Unlocked Ships (models that exist in Stellaris but aren’t ordinarily available to player empires), and Ship Skins (retextures of existing Stellaris ship models). Mods are sorted alphabetically within categories. The full list:

Original Ships

Elves of Stellaris

Author: TheGrandN
Workshop link

These are some very graceful looking ships to match the Elven theme of the mod itself. They look very much inspired by Imperial and New Republic ships from Star Wars, if not literal adapted versions of their models. At any rate, the artistic license applied to them is sufficient to get my head out of that space and admire the creativity of the author.

The author has also created a patch for compatibility with New Ship Classes.

Star Falls (4 ship sets)

Authors: Miss Nobody and Crusader Vanguard
Workshop link

There are certainly some texture replacements in this pack, but there are some original models (especially the C.P.O.E ships, which look truly bizarre), which I think qualifies it for this category!

This mod explores a novel universe created by the authors and includes four shipsets and a number of additional species portraits and cityscapes too.

Trace Empire Customisation (7 ship sets)


Author: Trace Projectile
Workshop link

Trace’s mod does more than add new ship sets, but they are most definitely impressive. There are currently seven different ship sets (with more on the way); some are reskins of base ship models, others are totally new, such as the “Cult” and “Newcomer” ship types.

This mod is a work in progress, so the ships are of varying quality, but this is still an exciting mod to try out.

Unlocked Ships

Blue Fallen Empire Ships


Author: Twink315
Workshop link

NSC and ISB compatible Fallen Empire ships with a blue reskin. See the analogous Golden Fallen Empire Ships by the same author (below).

Golden Fallen Empire Ships


Author: Twink315
Workshop link

NSC and ISB compatible Fallen Empire ships with a golden reskin. See the analogous Blue Fallen Empire Ships by the same author (above).

Hollow Portraits


Author: Sìlfae and Oskar Potocki
Workshop link
Patreon link

The portraits are set to use a blackened version of the Praethoryn ship set.

If you own the Leviathan DLC and use the custom empire packaged with the mod, it will start with a special ship type using Dimensional Horror model on which the associated species is based.

IIC – Revival – Extra Playable Races (6 ship sets)

Author: Yorick
Workshop link
(Adapted from original mods by 
Delincious – links in the Workshop page)

Unlocks all six additional ship sets included in Vanilla Stellaris that aren’t normally available for the player to use. These are:

  • Fallen Empire
  • Ancient
  • Extradimensional
  • Swarm
  • Robot
  • Pirate

These ship sets won’t be used by AI empires without the associated IIC – AI Addon – Extra mod.

Ship Skins

Dark Species Shipsets (84 skins)


Author: Crusader Vanguard
Workshop Collection link

This is a collection of mods that darken the base hull colour of all seven vanilla ship types and introduce 12 different coloured lights based on the RGB colour wheel. This disables the feature that causes ships to be coloured according to the primary flag colour.

Guilli’s Plantoid Ship Graphics Pack (2 skins)

Author: Guilliman
Workshop link

This adds two Plantoid ship variations – light and dark. This mod, of course, requires the Plantoids DLC.

The same author has published a number of compatibility patches for NSC, Realistic Ships, ISBS, and Downscaled Ships.

Stellar Warpaints (21 skins)


Author: Antharis
Workshop link

Antharis has included 21 additional ship types in this mod, with a focus on the Reptilian ships (seven variations).

Because of the size of this mod, you’ll also need Stellar Warpaints Part 2 – Runtime Fix. Alternatively, you could just use Stellar Warpaints – Performance Edition. These are mutually exclusive options:

  • Stellar Warpaints + Stellar Warpaints Part 2 – Runtime Fix
  • Stellar Warpaints – Performance Edition

The author specifically points out compatibility with:

  • NSC
  • More Ship Classes
  • Epic Explosions (but not Epic Explosions fix for Downscaled Ships)

You will need a patch if you also use Downscaled Ships.

Twinks Bloodelf Cityscape And Animated Portraits


Author: Twink315
Workshop link

Retextures the vanilla Avian ships with a lustrous gold sheen.

The desire for gold ships is real. If you skipped past it, check out the Golden Fallen Empire ships mentioned above. For a lighter gold colour see Golden Avian Ships by Bjusterbaarlik. This hasn’t got its own entry because there appear to be some incompatibilities with mods that Twink315’s does support.

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