Stellaris Mod Support for 1.8 Čapek

Updated 28th September 2017

The bane of many a modder’s life: game updates. This month saw Paradox roll out their free 1.8 Čapek update for Stellaris, as well as the Synthetic Dawn DLC. Along with it, mod compatibility was affected and, even where it wasn’t, the Stellaris mod loader reported out-of-date notices if the modders didn’t update the version string.

There are many Stellaris mods featured on Odin Gaming. The aim of this post is to keep you informed of any known mod compatibility/update issues. At some point this post will become outdated as most mods swing around to 1.8, but hopefully it will have some short-term utility.

Temporary Bug Fixes

There is a mod that addresses some new bugs introduced with the 1.8 patch. This acts as a useful stop-gap before the official 1.8.1 hotfix.

Update: 1.8.1 is now available as a beta opt-in on Steam that fixes the bugs included in the mod above.

Updated Popular Mods

The list below has a green [V] if the associated mod has been updated or if it works without changes, an orange [O] if it’s essentially functional but in need of more work, and a red [X] if it hasn’t yet.

Advanced Traits

Featured in April’s roundup, the Advanced Trait mod is largely working with 1.8, although some tweaking likely needs to take place to bring it totally up-to-date.

Adv. Custom Empires Pack – Extended First Contact

Version 2.0 of this mod by zoston is compatible with the update and expands the functionality originally described in May’s round-up. There are now more advanced custom empires as well as “final contact events” for all empires added.


Due to AlphaMod’s extensive reach, it’s of course not expected to fair well between Stellaris versions. Nonetheless, the mod author, AlphaAsh, does an incredible job of tweaking it every time and trying his best to help out all of his supporters.

At the time of writing, the author has reported a number of mechanisms that have been broken in the update. A lot of time and effort will need to be spent bringing the mod into line with 1.8, if indeed that is AlphaAsh’s decision. (It appears to be, judging by his use of language so far.)

Notably, there are problems with the import/export system utilised by AlphaMod and the surrounding strategic resource mechanics. This has far-reaching consequences throughout the mod.

The 1.7 version of the mod will be maintained, for now, for those that choose not to update their version of Stellaris.

It’s worth noting that some AlphaAsh’s other mods are already ready for 1.8. These are:

Colour Coded Messages

No update, but this simple UI tweak appears to be working fine!

It’s parent mod, Dark UI, has also been updated.

Ethics, Civics and Traditions Rebuild

This mammoth mod is unlikely to be perfectly functional after the update. The author is aware of the need to update and will do so after 6th October.

Expanded Stellaris Ascension Perks

The base mod and its add-on have both been updated by author Girion, along with some general tweaks to improve the mod.

Expanded Stellaris Traditions

This initially had some basic tweaks to get it working for 1.8 and the author, Girion, is now proceeding to make more extensive changes to make it more in-keeping with 1.8.

Guilli’s Planet Modifiers

Originally featured in the first roundup in FebruaryGuilliman’s Planet Modifiers mod has moved on substantially since then. With 1.8, this mod brings “Wondrous Planets”, which have a tile blocker providing substantial adjacency bonuses as well as a permanent +20% happiness.

Improved Space Battles

ISB and all of its companion mods have been updated for 1.8 already! Go Ankain!

New Ship Classes & More

The new version 7.0 update for NSC is up and running!

Plentiful Traditions

The hugely successful Plentiful Traditions mod by Birdy is confirmed as working by the author herself, as well as receiving some new tradition trees: Experimentalism and Anguish.

Portrait Mods

Many of these are featured on the Stellaris Portrait Mods.

1.8 introduced a change whereby vanilla traits are restricted to vanilla species classes only. Many portrait modders introduce custom species classes to maximise compatibility, which means that the update removed the ability to add any vanilla traits to modded species classes.

This has been fixed in the 1.8.1 beta opt-in.

Real Space

The author, Annatar, has updated this mod this mod for 1.8. Add-ons and patches are a work-in-progress.

Utopia Expanded

Utopia Expanded was featured in April’s mod roundup as amongst the first Utopia-specific mods.

There has been an update with most of the features working. The author Scarecrow is continuing to work on Utopia Expanded and his other large mods, so have patience and it’ll likely soon be back up-to-speed!

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