Paradox Playthrough – Legacy of House Mlechchha

I’ve always enjoyed Paradox games, but I’ve also found myself lacking in understanding these extremely deep and detailed historical simulations. This playthrough is an attempt to remedy that and hopefully provide some useful information to anyone who’s interested enough to read my take on the situation.

I intend to play from 769 AD in Crusader Kings II (with the Charlemagne DLC) through to the far-flung future, using save-game converters where available (and my imagination where not), in the following manner:

  • Crusader Kings II: 1st January 769 – 10th November 1444
  • Europa Universalis IV: 11th November 1444 – 1st January 1821
  • Victoria II: 1st January 1836 – 31st December 1935
  • Hearts of Iron IV: 14th August 1939 – Indefinite (I’ll play until I’ve conquered the world)
  • Stellaris: 1st January 2200 – Indefinite (I’ll play until I’ve conquered the galaxy)

This will follow the evolution of a single dynasty selected in 769: The Mlechchha Dynasty.

I’ll make a new post as soon as I’ve got something interesting to say. These games are inherently time-consuming, so the time between posts will be sporadic depending on how much free time I have. Follow Odin Gaming for email updates or follow me on Twitter to be notified of any posts as soon as they’re made.

Crusader Kings II – The Mlechchha Dynasty

Start Date End Date Publish Date Post
 Intro  23rd Feb 2017  Part 1: Subcontinent
 769  774  27 Feb 2017  Part 2: The First Five Years
 774  783  26th Apr 2017  Part 3: Vanga Crashes the Party
 783  823  19th Jul 2017  Part 4: Bengal
 823  925  27th Jul 2017  Part 5: Samrat
 925  1000  14th Aug 2017  Part 6: Black Millennium
 1000  1152  26th Aug 2017  Part 7: March of Progress
 1152  1300  4th Sep 2017  Part 8: Lunatics and Lesbians
 1300  1444  22nd Sep 2017  Part 9: Medieval Sunset

Europa Universalis IV – Legacy of Bharat

Start Date End Date Publish Date Post
 Intro  25th Sep 2017  Part 1: Conversion